About Millcreek Inn


Nestled among pines, streams, and wildflowers, the property of Millcreek Inn began originally as a small, private two-room home for a limestone worker in Millcreek Canyon. The original homeowner built the structure himself in the early 1950s, and enjoyed the natural beauty of the canyon year round. The birth of Millcreek Inn occurred in the mid-1960s when the homeowner sold the property to a local business owner. Legend goes that the buildings were converted from a private home into a small tavern to serve stone workers throughout the day.

By the late 1960s, an attorney from Coalville had fallen in love with the property, and purchased it with plans to remodel the existing buildings into his own private home. However, with the establishment of the National Forest Service, and conversion of Millcreek Canyon into a national forest, the attorney had no choice but to lease the land and retain a business.

Millcreek Inn remained a small, but popular, tavern, serving the canyon's visitors and workers sandwiches, cold drinks, and a quiet place to reflect and enjoy the quiet surroundings. Though ownership changed hands several times through the '60s, '70s, and '80s, Millcreek Inn has retained its rustic, romantic charm.

The owner of Millcreek Inn, Sasan Moatamed, walked through the front door of Millcreek Inn in the summer of 1988 as a member of the service staff. He, as with all the previous owners, immediately fell in love with the property. For many years, Sasan worked his way through the restaurant: server, chef, office staff, and in 1999, Sasan took the reins of management.

It was in 1999 that Millcreek Inn, after decades of restaurant service, changed course yet again, reborn as an events-only facility. The buildings were expanded to accommodate larger groups, the verandas repaved with flagstone, and the gardens expertly manicured with an eye to enhance the already abundant scenic beauty.

In 2015, Sasan passed away unexpectedly and left the restaurant to his brother Sina Moatamed, and father to continue his legacy.  Since his passing, all revenues have gone back into Millcreek Inn, to ‚Äčimprove the infrastructure, to create the most beautiful surrounding landscape, and hire the highest quality of staff. Ultimately, we invested in our client's experience. We want everyone who comes to Millcreek Inn, to have the most beautiful and beautifully executed event as possible. 

Today, Millcreek Inn stands proudly as Utah's premiere private events facility. The rustic charm, romantic lighting, and wooded privacy of the property is perfect for any type of event. From our exceptionally talented chefs and servers, to our professional coordinators and vendors, all who enter through the doors of Millcreek Inn embrace a sense of history. The philosophy of Millcreek Inn is imbued in the property itself: no matter the past, no matter the future, no matter the season - Millcreek Inn keeps its focus on today.

From weddings to business meetings, from holiday parties to private functions, Millcreek Inn ‚Äčfocuses solely on the event taking place. Be part of our bright future; be part of our rich past. Call us at (801) 278-7927 or Email Us to plan your next event with Millcreek Inn.