Tent Wedding Venue in Salt Lake City

Tented weddings at Millcreek Inn are equally as beautiful as any other type of event on our outdoor grounds and patio. Our canopy is not your traditional tarp-like tent. We take pride in our beautifully decorated and graceful canopy for tented events. Intricately draped with sheets of ivory-colored tulle, the tent has a soft and romantic ambiance. Strings of white bistro lights line the interior ceiling of the tent and sparkle and twinkle all evening. Our outdoor tents for wedding receptions in Salt Lake City are magical and create a warm and enclosed space for you to enjoy the outdoor dining and patio areas while staying warm indoors.

We specialize in tent weddings in Salt Lake City and have experience working in all weather conditions to make each tented event gorgeous and flawless. When you use Millcreek Inn as your wedding venue, we take care of everything, including setting up and breaking down the tent. You won’t need to worry about expensive tent rentals or setup because we will do it for you!

Spring & Summer Tented Events

The summer canopy covers a section of the patio space. This allows a portion of the patio to remain uncovered, while still providing emergency coverage from summer storms. The outdoor tent for wedding ceremonies is unobtrusive, the patio is still able to accommodate up to 100 people for a seated dinner. Heaters are placed throughout the patio, so guests will stay warm while remaining outdoors. When the summer canopy is in place, guests still have magnificent views of the canyon and surrounding mountain scenery.

During the spring and summer months, the Millcreek Inn team will watch the weather before your event to determine if the tent should be in place for tented weddings due to inclement weather concerns.

Fall & Winter Tented Events

The elegant tent is permanently set up from November until early April, or as weather permits, for tented events. This allows all late fall, winter and early spring parties access to the grounds and outdoor patio space with the guarantee that they will stay dry during these seasons.

If your tented wedding is in winter, you’ll enter a snow-covered alcove of Millcreek Canyon and enjoy the glistening white beauty of a fresh Utah snow storm. Step into the snowglobe-like world of Millcreek Inn with frosted snowflakes and untouched, powdery snow and enjoy our venue.

Tented events are completely heated with a large furnace, as well as free-standing heaters placed throughout the space. The outdoor tents for wedding receptions cover the entire patio and include a dance floor, outdoor bar, and dining space. The canopy is elegantly decorated with drapes of ivory-colored tulle fabric and strings of sparkling bistro lights. The tent walls have clear windows, so the gorgeous canyon views can still be enjoyed. A tented event at Millcreek Inn can seat up to 100 people.

Don’t let the weather sway your decision to book at Millcreek Inn. We are equipped to handle any scenario and will ensure a beautiful tented event during any season. Call us today at (801) 278-7927 for more information on tented weddings at Millcreek Inn.