Millcreek Inn FAQs

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Millcreek Inn FAQs

Is Millcreek Inn reserved exclusively for our function? What are the time limitations?

Millcreek Inn is a private event center, so we host your function exclusively. When you book with Millcreek Inn, you have exclusive access to our indoor and outdoor facility. Our building rentals are either 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. for a morning/afternoon event or 4 p.m. until 11 p.m. for an evening event.

Do my guests have to pay the canyon fee? What is the parking situation?

Millcreek Inn will issue canyon validations ​for all of the guests, which will allow them to exit the canyon toll booth for free. These are available throughout the entire event.

Millcreek Inn has parking to accommodate 150 people. These parking areas are all within 100 yards of the building. If you wish to offer shuttle services, Millcreek Inn can provide a list of recommended vendors and shuttle services.

How much does a wedding, rehearsal dinner or private event cost?

We are not limited to predetermined packages. We do our best to customize each event to accommodate your wishes, budgets and needs. We build your celebration from the ground up, thus consultation is imperative. For more information read our Event Packet.

What happens if we have bad weather on our event day?

Over the years, we have encountered nearly every type of weather. During the months of November through May, we have our beautifully decorated and elegant canopy tent in place to provide coverage during the winter and rainy spring months. During the late spring, summer and early fall, Millcreek Inn will watch the weather days leading up to each event to determine if the canopy needs to be put into place or not. If inclement weather is in the forecast, Millcreek Inn will make the decision whether to place the tent or not. The walls of our canopy tent can be taken off, to provide overhead coverage, while still allowing guests direct access to the patio space.

Do you allow outside vendors?

Millcreek Inn requires that you use our services for food and beverages. However, you are welcome to provide your own vendors for additional wedding necessities. ​We are happy to provide you with our preferred vendor list.

May we bring our own alcohol?

As we are a full service facility, that also includes bar menus. It is mandatory that Millcreek Inn handle all beverages and bar services as dictated by Utah law. This ​provides ​an advantage ​for ​our customers, as we are licensed, insured, and bonded.