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Millcreek Inn is nestled just three miles up the canyon and is only 20 minutes away from downtown Salt Lake City. However, you’ll feel worlds away when you reach our secluded wedding grounds. From the moment you step out of your car and approach Millcreek Inn, you’ll feel as if you are in an enchanted forest. Surrounded by the breathtaking slopes of Utah’s mountains, you’ll be overwhelmed by the natural beauty of our special event grounds.

​Outdoor Gardens

As you walk around our wedding grounds, you’ll hear the rush of the fresh-water creek as it comes trickling down from the snow-capped mountains. Our stone paths are lined with vibrantly colored and sweet-scented wildflowers, succulent greenery, and tall forest trees. Take a stroll across the picturesque stone bridge, stop for a photograph, or take a moment to enjoy the majesty of the canyon while enjoying our special event grounds.

Follow the beautiful meandering paths throughout the wedding grounds and discover hidden alcoves where you can sit and enjoy yourself on one of our many benches. Our trees have been carefully lined with white, twinkling lights to create a romantic ambiance throughout our special event grounds. When the sun sets, our Salt Lake City wedding venue becomes aglow with soft light from the trees and the natural light of the moon and stars.

Outdoor Dance Floor

As you walk down the central stone pathway onto our patio, you’ll walk straight to the outside dining area and dance floor. The dance floor is made of a beautiful wood-like tile. A dance floor is available year-round as a designated dancing space for your guests. Millcreek Inn provides your DJ or band with their own deck and space. The band’s designated area is located near the dance floor and is fully equipped with electrical outlets. We also offer a pop-up tent for protection in case of bad weather.

Outdoor Dining & Bar

Our private event grounds include a luxurious patio for outdoor dining that can accommodate up to 140 people. The guests at each table will enjoy clear views of the mountains whilst enjoying a delicious meal. As you look around our wedding grounds, you’ll notice the amazing views of the mountains—full of lush, green trees in the summertime, magnificent bright oranges, yellows and reds in fall, or dusted with white powdery snow in the winter.

The outdoor patio is also equipped with a full-service bar. Guests can enjoy cocktails and drinks throughout the event while enjoying the stunning scenery of our wedding venue. Whether you choose wine and beer, or a gourmet soda-bar, our outdoor patio is a great place for guests to enjoy themselves.

Outdoor Ceremonies

Our wedding grounds include a charming wooden deck and arbor that provide a great space for outdoor ceremonies and events. Our wooden arbor can be decorated as you like with chandeliers, fresh flowers, draped fabric or any other décor you can imagine. Our outdoor wedding ceremony space can seat up to 150 guests.

No matter what the season, the wedding grounds at Millcreek Inn are magical. Spring brings bright, budding blooms that encircle the venue, creating a fresh space for your event. When summer arrives, the tall mountain trees provide a canopy of shade, while the summer sun beams down. Fall brings crisp mountain air and vibrant colors to Millcreek Inn, and winter is pure magic.

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Booking & Reservations

Call Millcreek Inn today at (801) 278-7927 to book a private tour of our wedding grounds. Our event planner will ​walk you through our venue and grounds so you can visualize your own special event at Millcreek Inn.