Buffet Menu


Buffet-Style Meals for your Event

Millcreek Inn will offer a gourmet banquet buffet menu for your wedding or event. Our chef has created a gourmet wedding reception buffet menu full of a variety of entrée choices. Beautifully presented and full of delicious, mouth-watering food, your guests will be treated to a great meal on the patio nestled into the mountainside of Millcreek Canyon.

The Entree Dinner Menu for a wedding buffet is completed with a mixed green salad, sautéed vegetables, fresh bread and butter and either whipped potatoes, garlic roasted new potatoes, or basmati rice, in addition to the entrée. Our banquet buffet menu offers both meat and vegetarian options, and we cater to gluten-free, lactose-free, and vegan requests.

Our banquet buffet menu is a great option for any type of event. If you are looking for a wedding reception buffet menu, you will find a variety of menu selections that will suit your needs. Think about the guests you are inviting and what type of food they will enjoy. If you can imagine it, our Executive Chef can likely create it.

During each event, our Event Coordinator will help direct your guests to the buffet and help facilitate the dining service. After the bride and groom have gone through the buffet line, we open the wedding reception buffet up to all guests. Our buffet service is up to 90 minutes and allows guests to have second helpings. Millcreek Inn’s banquet buffet menu is full of items to choose from. Here are just some of the following options available to you:

+ Entree Dinner

Millcreek Inn has a complete menu of wedding entrée choices. Each banquet buffet menu comes with a mixed green salad, sautéed vegetables, bread and butter and either buttermilk whipped potatoes, garlic roasted new potatoes, or basmati rice to make a hearty meal. Prices start at $29.95 per person depending on the entrée selected.  Select as many wedding entrée choices as you’d like, and our Executive Chef will be happy to accommodate and create the perfect entrée dinner party for you. While considering entrée dinner party ideas, take a look at our Entree Buffet Menu to see all of the wedding entrée choices available to you!

+ Themed Menus

In addition to our wedding entrée choices for dinner, we also offer themed menus for weddings. Our themed buffet menus are full-course meals and offer a plethora of great food items. Some of our themed menus for weddings include our popular Ethnic Fusion Buffet, our Mediterranean Buffet, or the Fresco Italiano, just to name a few! View our complete Themed Buffet Menu.

+ Slider Buffet Menu

Millcreek Inn offers a fabulous slider buffet menu for weddings and events. One of our most popular menus, guests can enjoy a slider bar ​at your reception and choose from multiple slider ​options. Our slider buffet menu comes with a large mixed green salad, a tri-colored rotini pasta salad, and three bountiful veggie trays. The slider buffet menu also includes up to three slider entrée choices. A crowd pleaser, the slider bar for weddings appeals to adults and kids alike. Provide your guests a delicious meal and let them enjoy the gorgeous mountain scenery. To see all of the menu options, take a look at ​our complete Slider Buffet Menu.

+ Catered Open House

At Millcreek Inn, we strive to create a variety of menu options for our clients. We offer wedding open house menu ideas that are best suited for larger parties. Because of the intimate nature of our venue, we can accommodate up to 300 guests for an open-house style reception. During open-house events, guests can come and go as they please. Our catered open house menu includes options geared towards these types of events. The Gourmet Garden Buffet, Slider Buffet and Dessert Buffet are great options for an open house event. These three buffets are less formal than a plated meal, but still offer your guests delicious food. Take a look at our Catered Open House Menu to see ​some of the choices for an open house event. 

+ Buffet Brunch

Our banquet facilities are great for a wedding reception brunch buffet. Full of delicious brunch menu items, guests can have a variety of sweet and savory brunch foods while enjoying an afternoon on the patio at Millcreek Inn. Similar to our plated brunch menu, our wedding reception brunch buffet includes a variety of mini pastries and preserves along with breakfast potatoes. Take a look at our Plated Brunch Menu and Buffet Menu to get an idea of what our banquet facility can do for you! 

+ Buffet Dessert Table

Any sweet tooth will love Millcreek Inn’s decadent buffet dessert table. Full of sweet treats, our wedding dessert bar includes three large trays of seasonal fruit, assorted Mexican wedding cookies and a selection of cakes and pies. The buffet dessert table is full to the brim with delicious treats for your guests. Take a look at our Dessert Buffet Menu to see all of the choices available to you.