Plated Menus


Delicious Diverse Dishes

Millcreek Inn offers a wide variety of plated menu ideas for your upcoming wedding or event. Plated meals are a great way to create a formal atmosphere on our elegant outdoor patio. We offer a variety of selections for your wedding reception plated menu suited to meet your needs and tastes. Guests can enjoy a delicious plated meal while enjoying the breath-taking views of Millcreek Canyon.

Our plated menu ideas include dinner-plated menus and brunch plated menus. When you book an event with Millcreek Inn, we offer two-building rental times: 9 am to 3 pm or 4 pm until 11 pm. This allows you to choose from our brunch-plated menu or our dinner plated menu.


Millcreek Inn will set up each table with full place settings, including forks, knife, and water and punch glasses for your plated event. Guests will find their seat and be served an excellent meal, starting with bread, butter, and a salad course. Following the first course, guests will be served the main entrée. Our plated menu ideas allow you to choose up to two entrée selections for your guests, giving them the option of meat, fish, or a vegetarian dish. Our plated menu ideas include a starch and veggie to complement the main course. We also offer multiple dessert options for your guests to choose from. 

A wedding reception plated menu is a great way to feed your guests a flavorful and delicious meal, in a fancy and sophisticated setting. Guests will enjoy the beautiful surroundings of the canyon, on a shaded patio while enjoying a great meal.


Millcreek Inn offers a variety of wedding reception dinner menus for your guests to enjoy. Complete with French Country bread and butter, a mixed green salad with feta cheese, roasted walnuts and drizzled with champagne vinaigrette dressing, and a beautifully prepared entrée, your guests will enjoy a fabulous three-course meal. Executive Chef Valenzuela prepares everything from scratch for each wedding reception dinner. You won’t be disappointed by your plated meal at Millcreek Inn. ​Review all of our Banquet Dinner Options.


If you are looking to host a wedding reception brunch, Millcreek Inn offers a gourmet banquet brunch menu. Full of choices ranging from traditional eggs benedict to apple butter French toasts, guests will enjoy a sweet and savory full course meal. Each meal is served with bakery fresh mini pastries, preserves and breakfast potatoes. Treat your guests to a delicious brunch served in a beautiful setting on our outdoor patio. To see the complete list of banquet brunch menu items, please see ​our buffet and plated brunch menu.