Specialty Diets


All-Inclusive Meal Plans 

At Millcreek Inn, we understand that each guest might have different dietary concerns. We offer gluten free catering, vegetarian wedding menus, and vegan banquet menus. Our Executive Chef is happy to customize each menu based on your needs. We also have the ability to make specialty diet plates upon request for certain guests. That way, the majority of your guests can eat from the regular buffet while your guests with dietary restrictions can enjoy a great meal, as well. We are happy to provide customized estimates to each client for:

+ Gluten-Free Menus

Millcreek Inn is happy to provide gluten free menu options for our guests. All of our buffets offer some gluten free options, without additional special accommodations. Our sauces are not thickened with gluten-based flours, so guests can enjoy the entrée courses without worry. Our gluten free catering is just as delicious as any other menu selection. Guests won’t know the difference. We offer gluten free menus upon request and are happy to customize menus as needed. When looking into gluten free wedding cake options, each cake vendor has specific information available for you.

+ Vegetarian Menus

Millcreek Inn i​s happy to provide vegetarian ​menus to our guests. When looking for a vegetarian wedding menu, Millcreek Inn provides vegetarian choices on every menu. From our plated dinner and brunch menus, to our slider buffet to our gourmet dinner buffet, we offer delicious vegetarian meals. We even offer a Vegetarian Feast buffet! For those who desire a vegetarian wedding menu, take a look at ours! Everything is made with the freshest ingredients and full of savory flavors. Even meat-eaters will love our hearty vegetarian wedding menu options! Look through our entire banquet menu to see the wide variety of vegetarian selections available to you!

+ Vegan Menus

Millcreek Inn offers vegan wedding catering from our banquet menu. We understand that guests have dietary restrictions, and we aim to provide an excellent meal for everyone. If you are looking for a venue that offers vegan wedding catering, look no further! Executive Chef Valenzuela can customize any menu to meet your needs. Our vegan banquet menu offers items including:

  • Portobello and Turnip Napoleon
  • Carrot Risotto
  • Rainbow Terrine and Quinoa
  • Potato and Quinoa sliders

These are just some of our vegan options available from our vegan wedding catering. Millcreek Inn will provide a great meal that will leave your guests satisfied.